Burn 14lbs of FAT in JUST 7 Days Using the Secret, Seconds Short, Exercises of the Martial Arts Masters!

Slim in Seconds is a weight loss and body re-composition program like no other.

Slim in Seconds

That’s not marketing hype…there literally is no other program like this in the world and you’re welcome to check. Go ahead…I’ll wait…

And to help you create a fair comparison I’m going to tell you WHY this program is so unique…

First and foremost…..



Many weight loss programs promise results…and many of them deliver a mixed bag. You lose 1 or 2 lbs then you gain 5lbs…struggle to lose that 5lbs and end up, a few months later, heavier, depressed and looking to the next program.

You’ve probably tried these programs. Several of them. And you’re still looking for a solution.

You won’t have to keep looking once you’ve done this program.

The methods in Slim in Seconds will allow you to drop up to (and for some of you OVER) 14lbs of fat in 7 days.


14 pounds of FLAB – GONE. In JUST. 7. DAYS.


14lbs of fat removed, permanently from your body in ONE WEEK.


This type of weight loss, that much fat – that’s simply not possible using “conventional” methods. No gym instructor can show you how to do this.


Anyone can drop water weight. In a matter of hours, with the right (and dangerous) dehydration methods used by athletes to hit specific weight goals (think jockeys, boxers, fighters etc) you can drop maybe 20lbs of more – but that’s JUST water. It doesn’t last.

What I will show you is FAT LOSS

PERMANENT fat loss

And that’s just the start of what can be achieved. I will show you a new way to enjoy life that will ensure that you continue to lose weight until you get to your goals and I’ll share with you simple strategies to stay there.

I will show you how to be lean for life.

I’ll show you a way to drop up to 14lbs of fat in just 7 days…I’ll touch on WHY that’s considered impossible in the program but here’s a clue – you need to create a near impossible calorie deficit of 49,000 kcals over a week. I’ll tell you exactly how to do this and more…..

I did say NEAR impossible right? 😉


And I’m not the ONLY one to produce these results….hundreds of my clients have…..

Take a look at Chris Long –



I’m totally not where my ultimate goal is, but when you see these pics side by side, I think you’ll agree with me…HOLY CRAP! Is that the same dude? And I can tell you that in many ways it is, but in many great and awesome ways…it isn’t. I’ve learned a heck of a lot in the last few years and I can tell you for sure…I’m a much better man, a much better, human being now…inside and out! Thanks to those of you who have supported me through all the tough times and struggles! Your words and actions have not gone un-noticed nor unappreciated! I love you all like family. Now…ONWARD TO THE GOAL!!!!! P.S. No gym membership required! Special Shout out to Batman O’Brien across the pond! Your isometric knowledge made this possible, Bro! ”Chris, ”Functional

And Chris is a REAL person who has followed my Isometric’s programs…

So is this guy…..

If ever there is a Personal Trainer Hall of Fame, I will be the first to recommend you, because you take it to a whole new level.  I would like to say thank you.  Thank you for always responding to my questions whenever I sent them in.  Thank you for being open-minded and considerate in your responses.  And most importantly, thank you for introducing me to the world of Isometrics.  I could not imagine gathering the strength that I have so quickly without stumbling across you website roughly one and a half years ago. You have helped this young man fulfill a lifelong goal…and that means the world to me.  I will be forever grateful for that. Thank you. ”Jarell, ”Muscular

All round athlete, and Isometric Trainee…..

And this is ME……………


Or at least that was me….FAT….AND MISERABLE

On vacation and afraid to take my shirt off. I can’t close my shirt I’m that fat. You can see my boobs I’m that fat.

Don’t believe me, take a look at this….


 See…I told you I was fat…. was being the operative word…because I went from that to this….

Lean, Ripped and Super Strong

And I’ve helped hundreds of other people just like you get in incredible shape…unbelievable shape and in rapid fashion.

I have hundreds of pages of testimonials, emails, photos and letters….here’s a few…

This client dropped 10% Body fat in JUST 2 WEEKS!!! 

Total Fat Loss – 26.4lbs. Total Body Fat Loss 16%, Total Waist Inches Lost – 11.3”

I first started the “Program” on 7/01/09, to lose weight, a stone I hoped if not more. I have benefited greatly both from the treatments and the nutrition program. I lost a stone in weight with such ease it amazes me. I have learnt a great deal from program and am still learning. I enjoy reading the books it’s very helpful. Paul’s professionalism, friendliness guidance and humour made it easy to adhere to the program, and I looked forward to it each week. I would certainly recommend Paul and his nutrition program to others, not just those wishing to lose weight but to anyone who wants to feel good. - ”Geraldine,, ””

I must say, after only two days, and two workouts less than 5 minutes I notice more definition than I have in the past two years of a combination of weight training, bodyweight training, and HIIT. I am 6’1″ and 180Lbs, so I do not need to lose weight, but I am feeling things tighten up, have that flat stomach, and the weird thing is I don’t need as much sleep. I have probably spent ~$1000 or more on various e-books/equipment and have never had such an effective program and helpfulness. Thank you. - ”Ron”, ””

When John started training with me he was a wreck. He was weak, overweight and in terrible shape….within a few weeks at age 63 he….

Dropped 12.7% Body Fat, Lost 37.9lbs of fat and had a 6 pack!

I have a flatter tummy than before, more defined muscles, a slimmer waist, all of which I want! I have improved my overall level of fitness and after almost a full weeks break; I was delighted at both my weight loss and my recovery following my sessions! It’s easy to eat this way with proper planning and shopping. The menus are great, I feel full and satisfied. At my family’s home during my holiday I did find it difficult over a few days to keep to my plan BUT I still lost weight! Since Tuesday, I have been very strict on myself and on Friday, my weight was 94.5kg (207lbs), my lowest weight in 7 YEARS!

I have hundreds of these testimonials from my customers and clients but let me tell you how I achieved a 14lbs drop in body fat in JUST 7 Days.

I did it using Slim in Seconds, the sae program you’ll have access to in a moment and the success of Slim in Seconds is that is a UNIQUE COMBINATION of 3 Remarkable systems…

Slimming Key No.1
The Secrets of the Martial Arts Masters and Cutting Edge Western Training Methodology

My name is Batman O’Brien and if you’ve been following my work over the last number of years then you know I’m one of the world’s foremost experts in a method of training known as Isometrics.

I developed the very first dedicated Isometrics site, www.Isometric-Training.com and am the author of 7 Seconds to A Perfect Body, THE DEFINITIVE program on Isometric Training out there. But more than being an armchair expert in Isometrics, I am a devotee of this training method. I live what I teach. And that means I’m a lean mountain of muscle with near superhuman strength.

Think that’s an exaggeration?

Check out what I can do….

Support my Bodyweight on JUST my Thumbs!

Lift a grown man overhead with ONE arm!

Tear Phone Books in Half with My Bare Hands

Support a 200 lbs weight lifter on my stomach while in a full back bridge….

And Leg press over 17,000 lbs! 

I achieved these results using nothing but Isometrics.

I’ll teach you all about Isometrics in detail later on, but let me give you a brief preview.

  • Isometrics require NO MOVEMENT
  • • They take less than 7-12 SECONDS to perform and they are one of the KEY secrets of the incredible legendary strength of the martial art masters

These ancient strength training and muscle building methods have created legendary warriors.

Isometric Training in the Martial Arts has long been a hidden gem of many traditional styles such as Kung Fu, Karate (particularly kata’s such as Senshin) and stems all the way back to the koryu (the oldest of Japan’s martial arts, hundreds of years before the development of gendai/modern martial arts like Karate and Judo).  Subtly applied in the traditional training forms it is isometrics that has been the key to the development of the astounding power of many of the great martial arts masters, not to mention their lighting fast reflexes, speed, agility and staggering feats of strength, such as having boards, bars and sticks smashed across their bodies without harm.

When I first began my explorations of physical culture and fitness it was with the martial arts. I began training in the martial arts when I was a child and in my early teens I was introduced to Shotokan Karate. Shotokan is a style of Japanese Karate characterised by its deep stances and powerful hip and leg movements. My Sensei’s (teachers) continually emphasized that the power in our punches would be generated by our legs and our hips.

I owe a great deal of my strength to those early days when I spent hours training and maintaining deep stances and then springing into action with devastatingly hard Mai-Geri (front kicks), Yoko-Geri (side kick) and Mawashi-Geri (roundhouse kick) attacks.  The ancient masters well knew the power of isometrics and often incorporated these deep stances, held with great tension as a means of developing their incredible strength.

One inspiration during my rigorous training was Mas Oyama.


Oyama Sensei, a student of Shotokan Karate founder Gichin Funakoshi, dedicated himself to developing the most powerful physique possible – committing himself totally to his training and the discipline of the martial arts. So much so that he turned his back on civilisation and retreated to lonely and desolate mountains.

Here he trained for 12 hours a day, practicing a variety of training methods, from isometric leg training in holding deep stances beneath the raging torrents of a waterfall, breaking river stones with his hands, using trees as makiwara, and much more. He endured this for 18 months, leaving only when he had found the skills and strength he sought.

I have trained in those same stances, endured the extreme martial arts conditioning known as Tanren (spirit forging)I trained in my early days in these deep and hard isometric stances trained against immovable objects and developed staggering strength as a result…but…

I’ve refined the process…


The method of martial strength training is Isometrics. Long a secret of the martial arts masters are also among the most rigorously studied and analysed methods of physical training. The most famous examination was in 1954 when two German Scientist, Muller and Hettinger conclusively proved in over 5,000 independent clinical trials, that one could increase strength by 5-15% with a single 7 second stimulation once a week.

Subjects in a later study performing a daily 7 second contraction increased their strength by 72% in 46 weeks. The fall of strength after the end of training is very slow. 70 weeks after the end of training their strength was still 42% higher than before the beginning of training. After doing nothing for over a year and a half they were still 42% stronger than when they started.

The funny thing is people still spend small fortunes every day purchasing expensive gym memberships and hiring personal trainers that waste their time and money and produce far less dramatic and effective results than you could achieve on your own, with no equipment in less than a 5 minutes.

They concluded, as have many studies since, (Little et all 2006 springs to mind, a study which showed a single 5 minute routine comprised of 10 7 second contractions produced up to 9.3lbs of muscle tissue. That’s one 5 minute workout producing the amount of muscle tissue developed through conventional training after a minimum of 3 months), that Isometric training was the single most effective method of strength and physique development achievable.

Imagine what a 72% increase your strength and muscle would do for your body?

I’m going to reveal to you previously suppressed scientific evidence for rapid body transformation.

A single lbs of fat is about 3,500kcals of stored energy…that means to burn 14lbs of fat you’d need to use about 49,000 kcals worth of energy. That’s a LOT. That’s why weight loss is done slowly….unless you know the secrets I’ll share with you in Slim in Seconds.

I’m going to show you step by step, with full scientific support, how;

  • To burn not only 49,000 kcals per week, but
  • An Isometric workout that creates a 7,000 kcal demand!
  • I’ll show you another simple workout you can do while watching TV that will burn 5,000 kcal and accelerate your metabolism for over 48 hours.
  • In fact, in one example I’ll show you how I created a 73,000 calorie deficit over 7 days.

That’s Over 20lbs of FAT!

I’ll show you how to do this in a detailed and easy to understand course and reveal the Secrets of the Martial Arts Masters,that will teach you:

  • How to INSTANTLY Intensify Your Body’s Calorie Consumption (Read BURN FAT)
  • How to Maximize Your Muscle Burn
  • How to Schedule Your Training and
  • Build A Rapid Body Fat Blasting Routine
  • The Secret to Long Term Leanness
  • How to Accelerate Your Fat Burn with Active Recovery (Burn up to 3lbs of fat a session with this one tip!)

And, I’ll show you, using cutting edge training methods…

  • How to Warm Up Like a Special Forces Solider
  • How to Prevent Injury for Life
  • How to Fix Muscle Knots for Free
  • How to Get Olympic Athlete Level Fit in Just Minutes…
  • How to Breathe Life into Every Muscle and MELT Your Fat

You’ll get DETAILED exercise Descriptions and Full Colour HD photos to CLEARLY show you every technique you need…and YES….I meant what I said, each of these exercises only take 7-12 seconds to perform!

Isometrics have been proven in trial after trial, study after study to be the MOST effective methods of strength and muscle building ever utilised….and yet they have remained unused save by those who lucky few who have been initiated into the methods…

And in this program I will initiate you into these techniques….

I will share with you, these…

Remarkable Methods for Building Super Human Strength


Turbo Charge Your Muscles into Fat Burning Furnaces!!!!

But that’s only the 1st part of the solution!

Slimming Key No.2
The Slimming Secrets of Ancient Chinese Medicine

See…I told you this program was unique…

So far I’ve shown you the incredible bodies built through my programs. You’ve seen the astonishing results my systems produce and I’ve shared with you the secrets of the martial arts masters and cutting edge western training methodology….but as promised this program goes FAR BEYOND anything else out there….

Let me show you how to heal your body and rebuild your natural fat burning furnace from the inside out…. with

The Secrets of Ancient Chinese Medical Knowledge

Outside of being an expert on Western physical training methods, I am also a consultant of Kinesiology, Tuina (traditional Chinese Physical Therapy) and one of the foremost experts here in Ireland in Traditional Chinese Medicine including Acupuncture and Chinese Herbal Medicine.

I specialise in a number of areas; reproductive health and fertility issues to chronic neurological disorders such as Multiple Sclerosis. I also specialize in the treatment of obesity and excess body fat – something that Traditional Chinese Medicine has long recognized as a disease state within the body.

I’ve been published in multiple tv interviews, newspapers, magazines and medical journals including:




As such I am privy to tools and knowledge that the vast majority of personal trainers, fitness instructors, weight loss coaches and even Western Medical Doctors (did I mention I’m also qualified in Western Clinical Medicine?) simple don’t have. Likewise no TCM physicians, herbalists, or acupuncturists have my level of training or experience in cutting edge fitness training methodology.

By combining theses system’s on can create a state within the body where by the body itself purges fat and prevents and reduces the accumulation of fat in the future as a simple function of it’s existence.

Beyond that the techniques and methods I’ll share with you in this program, literally HAVE never appeared before in any Western publication on weight loss – why? Because they don’t know about these methods!

I’m going to share with you the secrets of Traditional Chinese Medicine….

  • The Magic of the Third Eye for Weight Loss and Relaxation
  • The Secret Connection Between the Quality of Your Stomach and the Quality of Your Muscles
  • Top Secret Chinese Slimming Herbal Recipes
  • How to Find and Stimulate the Sea of Vitality, The Gate of Consciousness, the Three Mile Point and the Sea of Energy…all VITAL to your weight loss efforts and health
  • Why Giving Your Supper to Your Enemy is GOOD advice
  • And more…
  • How All Illness Attacks the Body and How it CAN Make YOU FAT
  • How to Understand the “Organ of Adaptation”
  • How to dramatically enhance your coordination, recovery rates, oxygen uptake, reduce injury and more
  • How to get more energy, improved concentration, better sleep, better digestion…and….well the list just keeps on going.
  • How to Your Stomach Actually Runs Your Brain

In this Section you will…

Master Mysterious Pressure Point Techniques That Will Maximise Your Metabolism

And Learn to….

Prepare Ancient Chinese Remedies to Accelerate Your Fat Loss!

But there’s STILL the FINAL part of the solution!

Slimming Key No.3
The Body Sculpting Secrets of Nutrition Revealed

So far you’ve seen the remarkable impact that the combination of Eastern and Western methods can produce. Utilising Isometrics, the most effective method of the Western strength training science and the secret of martial arts masters and the ancient secrets of Traditional Chinese Medicine we can create a unique synergy that results in staggeringly fast results, that not only produce rapid fat loss but enhance our long term health….but that’s still not the complete program….

If all of that wasn’t enough, I do a huge amount of work with my patients from a nutritional background, combining the latest scientific research and understanding of food to balance out the nutrients, chemicals, minerals, proteins, sugars, fats, vitamins and more of our food to fully support a person’s health, be it for growth, weight loss or both from a Western Medical point of view.

As I wrote above, you cannot out train a bad diet. With that in mind I’m going to teach you…

I’ll also touch on crucial medical issues like:

  • Why Low Carb Diets DESTROY Your Fat Burning Metabolism
  • The Conspiracy to Keep You FAT with Diet Drinks

Most importantly…I’ll teach you


I’m going to show you simple solutions that you can take into your everyday life that will transform the way you think about food and the way you eat. I’ll show you why…


and I’ll show you…


…with a complete diet plan.

Still more, I combine that knowledge with my understanding of Traditional Chinese Medical nutrition and dietary therapy to create food plans and nutritional programs that rectify the underlying organs imbalances that cause ill health – INCLUDING excess weight.

But that’s not all….

for a VERY limited time you’ll get access to….

This EXCLUSIVE invitation will ensure that you continue to make staggering progress in your workouts, and provide you with detailed tools and continuous support in all areas of fitness and strength – detailed nutritional guides and coaching, exclusive interviews and video, new workouts and more…

As I mentioned above this is where my new workout programs and guides are added as they are arrive each month in the member’s area like clockwork, so as soon as you complete your current training you can just replace it with the latest workouts.


**Once the 30 day free trial is over you will be charged a monthly fee of $27.00. However, once the 30 day trial is over just let me know if you do not wish to continue and I will make sure you don’t get charged.

As a member of Isometric Mastery, you’re also going to get access to:

A perfect physique and perfect health can be yours, and not through hours of arduous training, but just minutes….

I will show you how….

But that’s still not all…

Exclusive access to my Original Training Journal

The Pro-Log“,  Where I Reveal All My Tactics, and Rants – Where I expose the Villains of Weight Gain and Self Sabotage, and share with you my key insights into a better lifestyle with staggering strength and fitness.

Together we’re going to take a stand for your health, and you will see me chronicle every step.


Of course all of this is guaranteed…

… I know I’m going to get some questions about guarantees from some of the more “insecure” guys out there, so how about this…

As ALWAYS I’ll give you 60 days to go through the entire Slim in Seconds system, and if you aren’t happy let me know and I’ll give you a refund. 60 days is more than enough time to go through the materials, start implementing and see results.

Of course, even if you do nothing, I’ll still be a man of my word and give you a refund.

Are You A Candidate for Slim in Seconds and Isometric Mastery?

If you suffer from any of the following you’re a perfect candidate for Slim in Seconds and Isometric Mastery: 

  • Not having the body you want
  • Not having the strength you want
  • Feeling confused about your food choices
  • Feeling a decreased enjoyment of life
  • Suffering from Low Energy
  • Suffering from Low Libido
  • Suffering from Low Stamina
  • Wearing loose clothing or habitually pulling your shirt away from your gut so no one notices the pudge around your mid-section. (HINT: They notice…)
  • Ashamed of taking your shirt off at the beach or at the pool
  • Worse – avoiding those places because you don’t feel comfortable
  • Frustration from seeing your belly hanging over any time you bend down.
  • Increasingly poor work performance
  • Worsening eye sight
  • Thinning hair
  • Frequent colds and flu’s

Results Testified

Project Dragon is, without doubt, the most thorough treatise on advanced training I have ever read. What you have given us is sensational.”

“…thinnest I’ve been in about 10 years! WHOO HOO!!!”

“..using your techniques for about 3 months and have gained 14 pounds of muscle so far”.

“Wow, amazing course Paul….. you are a real inspiration”

the most informative fitness/nutrition courses I’ve ever seen

“I’ve only been going 3 weeks so far and just feel hard muscles where I never did before

- ””, ””
Got project dragon and its great, lots mind opening info….You are changing the way fitness is thought of. My only regret is I have not heard of this 30 years ago it would have saved me a lot of money on useless programs. Many Thanks - ”Randy”, ””

Ask Yourself…

How would you like for all that to go away?

You Know You Want All This.

Now the Only Question Is

Are You Different Than The Rest?

Are you going to stay like you are, slowly getting worse or are you going to stand up and take what’s yours, take this opportunity and transform your life?

Honestly – and this may sound harsh, but I’m not here to make you feel good about yourself…

I was notorious in my early days as a personal trainer for FIRING clients.

That was unheard of in the industry at the time when people were struggling to get clients – the results I achieve made sure that was never a problem and I don’t waste my time with people that don’t put in the effort that THEY DESERVE.

I’ve chewed out plenty of people that email me, or visit my studio or clinic and constantly serve up pathetic excuses for why they couldn’t do 2 minutes of work a week.

If that’s you, I don’t want to waste my time with you.

I’m not here to “pat you on the back” and tell you it’s ok to eat what you want and that it’s unfair that you don’t have the “right genes” or commiserate with you because “you’ve tried every diet“, or supplement or training program out there – because that’s just an outright lie.

You haven’t tried this.

You haven’t been eating or training right.

If you had you wouldn’t be watching this now.

So stop lying to yourself and take action!

If you want to LOOK BETTER, if you want to BE STRONGER – then you have to start doing things differently from how you’ve been doing it – because that isn’t working.

I’m not here to agree with the rest of society that keeps telling you to be sensitive, understanding and dominated

and if I sound angry it’s because I am…

I’ve watched people very close to me abuse their health. They don’t work out, they don’t eat right and they get fat, they get ill and then they complain about it – despite the fact that they have literally done this to themselves.

I fundamentally believe each of us has a responsibility to be healthy, to be in the best shape possible – that’s one of the key teachings in my martial arts training – but you know what, I think it’s true for everyone.

Imagine what we could accomplish if everyone took responsibility for their health – the massive savings we’d make to healthcare alone would be astronomical – but look at the greater benefits – massively reduced heart disease, osteoporosis, arthritis, diabetes, liver damage, kidney failure and more.

The sad truth is the biggest killer on the planet is our poor lifestyle. And if we want a better world then YOU have to be part of that. It’s not enough for me to be in great shape and great health – we ALL have to be part of that solution.

So, why haven’t you picked up Slim in Seconds yet? Why haven’t you pressed that big orange ORDER NOW button?


Don’t forget for one minute what it would cost if you were to just sit there and do nothing like every other person out there. What do you think you would get?

Don’t want to answer?

That’s ok, because I’ll just tell you the answer…


Finito. The End. It won’t magically change. It won’t get better…it won’t get easier…things will just continue on like they always have.

Save one big difference…

You’ll lose another day…another week…another month…another YEAR…living a life that’s marked by weakness and illness, insignificance and disappointment.

The really sad thing is, the majority of people reading this are going to continue to pretend and rationalize that things are “fine the way they are,” or even worse they’re going to believe things will change despite the fact they continue to do the same things. That’s a just denial. Leading to madness.

Think I’m joking?

Do you know what the medical term is for a condition where someone does the same things repeatedly expecting a different result?


You’re not here by accident. The fact is, you’re here for a reason.

You already know what it’s like to not feel you’ve achieved your potential, to be weak, to be ill. You know what it’s like to come in second or not at all. It’s time to see how the other side lives, and you don’t even know how close you are.

I did my part…now it’s time for you to “man up” and do yours.

I’m not gonna beat around the bush.

Slim in Seconds costs $97

I could justify that cost in a million different ways. I could tell you that skipping 3 takeaways that are loaded with MSG and other harmful toxins let alone fattening food would pay for the course. I could remind you about the staggering financial cost of illness and that Slim in Seconds will teach you methods of controlling weight and all its related illness. I could repeat the hundred or so points about this program and Isometric Mastery that you’ve seen…but I won’t.

You know this is good value.


What are YOU waiting for?

Simply put – there is:

NO ONE else on the planet that has my level of knowledge in the variety of disciplines that I have mastered

NO ONE else has ever before combined these disciplines to produce a synergistic system that transcends the ability of any of them alone to produce.

And NO ONE has ever shared these methods….

…until now.

What you have in your hands right now…is nothing less than the most unique and effective method of natural weight loss ever presented.




Slim in Seconds; The Secrets of the Martial Arts Masters and Ancient Chinese Medicine a 6 week program to Squeeze out YOUR Fat

In just a few days though I’m taking this offer down…

Just 1 Payment of $97


2 Payments of $49.99

P.S.I want to know why you’re still reading at this point…don’t waste your time. You’re procrastinating. By now you should know all you need to about this. And Procrastination is the vicious cycle of failure. It has a way of normalising bad decisions and poor behaviours. It’s the reason most us achieve little. Break that trend right now.  The sooner you do, the sooner you’re going to have one breakthrough after another until you won’t even know who that other guy was. Too many guys look back and wonder what if I had done this and what if I had done that.

Don’t be that guy – SIGNUP TODAY! (Before it’s too late…)